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Health & Wellness

Clay Pots... A Place to Grow is a community center that strives to provide people with the resources and support they need to overcome their struggles and thrive. We offer a variety of services such as free acupuncture to help relieve pain and cravings of addiction, free yoga, free mindfulness mediation, and more, all with the goal of helping our patrons find balance and inner peace.

We also provide a safe and supportive environment for anyone in need. Our team of professionals is dedicated to helping each person who walks through our doors. Come join us and discover the power of self-care.


Wednesdays - Returning September 6

   -Mindfulness at 6:30 pm

Thursdays - Returning September 7

   -Yoga (Gentle) at 6 pm

Thursdays through November 16, 2023

   -Acupuncture (Ear) at 7 pm

Saturdays through November 18, 2023

   -Acupuncture (Ear) at 11 am

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