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About Us

Our Purpose

Clay Pots... A Place to Grow is a non-profit (501c3) organization located in Southwest Baltimore.  Formed in 2000 to provide a safe space for the community and a center that fosters spiritual and personal growth, Clay Pots has assisted hundreds of permanent and transient residents in accessing the tools to expand their horizons, tap into their potential, and succeed. 

What We Do

At Clay Pots, a community coffeehouse takes place three times a week as well as an Education Center that offers a variety of classes including a GED program. Clay Pots also hosts wellness workshops, provides indoor and outdoor sanctuaries, and offers a variety of special events and meetings that support the community and its residents.

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In 2002, Clay Pots’ founding members responded to their call to be the change they wanted to see in their community and pulled together their resources to purchase an old corner store and the adjacent vacant house at 1633 and 1635 West Pratt Street. Founders ranging in age, ethnicities, and backgrounds did not drive in from out of town; they live here. Their mission is not to simply provide services for others, but create space for mutual sharing--a place where everyone, from all walks of life, has a chance to share, heal, and grow. 


The community center has progressed through volunteer hours in renovating the property and developing programs that give life and energy to the neighborhoods of Southwest Baltimore. In 2005, Clay Pots opened its Tutoring Center offering GED and ESOL instruction. In 2007, the Coffeehouse was born. In 2010, Community Supported Wellness was born. Also in 2010, the Board of Directors named the building, Clay Pots… A Place to Grow. 


Clay Pots works to raise funds and partner with others to provide a wide range of opportunities for permanent and transient residents in Southwest Baltimore to find inner nourishment, whether by attending classes, learning how to read, gaining computer skills, or sharing their thoughts over a cup of coffee. 

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